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For beginners: Top 10 mistakes by beginners in poker

While learning the basics of poker, first of all beginners focus on game nuances such as combinations, poker math and positions.

But one of the most important gaming skills is the ability to choose the right moment and size of the bet.

How often do you make mistakes? Have you long and stubbornly fought yourself for a wrong hand or a mistake worth a large pot? Do not worry, even the most experienced players make mistakes and learn from them, becoming even better.

Today we will consider ten mistakes made by beginners and we will find out how to confront them.

When perfecting the game of poker, it is important to remember that the game itself is not only mathematics and probability selection, but also the psychology of human relationships. We are ready to open a veil of uncertainty over the psychology of poker and tell you what types of players are most commonly encountered in the poker community.

It is important to remember that every player on the other side of the screen, your opponent sitting next to you or in front of you offline is a unique person. However, statistics confirm that most players can now be divided into four types. We will tell you and show you which types of players are more common and how to deal with this or that opponent correctly.

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Play too many distributions.

Beginners in poker often make this mistake by being too impatient and not experienced enough. Any cards seem attractive to them, because the main and strong combinations are not yet so tightly fixed in the head. Look at the flop and realize that you have not achieved the best cards? Aware of this mistake before a lot of handouts deprive you of chips and a chance to win.

Fear of playing.

There are newcomers who immediately rush into the “fight”, choosing an aggressive style of play for themselves. But there are also those who, on the contrary, are afraid to make a decision and play uncertainly. They lack experience and feeling the slightest pressure from opponents, they begin to be afraid to make a mistake and lose. They throw down until the winning cards come into their hands, avoiding handouts with large banks, and believe that every aggressive player in the hand has a winning combination. Do not let fear take over – play, gain experience and trust your instincts.

Chase after the combination.

Beginner players can often stay in handouts, waiting for their combination to improve and lead them to victory. Gain experience and learn to understand when it’s worth trying to catch a combination, and when it’s best to step back and not take part in the handouts.

The human factor.

How often have you faced defeat because of sudden emotions? It is important to understand that playing on emotions will not entail anything but losses. A few handouts can lead you to a lostrick, but if you do not stop – it can only get worse. If you catch yourself on an excessively emotional game, the best solution is to stop and think about whether it is rational to take certain decisions.

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Not being able to plan.

Winning by luck alone will not work all the time. Without basic poker math and the ability to think ahead, even an experienced player will have a hard time winning with just luck. Learn to anticipate the actions of your opponents, calculate the possible options for the Pot and evaluate your decisions. Many players make the mistake of considering a loss as bad luck, thus overestimating their skill.

Not being able to analyze your game.

How many times have you noticed mistakes after others? What about yourself? If after each game session you do not work on your own mistakes, then your progress is likely to stall in one place. Learn to work on your mistakes and the result will not take long.

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Wrong table choice.

If the players with whom you are lucky enough to share the pitch seem too strong to you – do not wait for them to make a mistake, just change the table. The best solution is to look for weaker players than to try your luck with the strong ones. Remember: You only play on yourself.

It’s a primitive game.

Beginner players, having mastered the basics of techniques, often begin to use one or another strategy thoughtlessly. In this case, the game becomes not only predictable for opponents, but the player himself risks to make even more mistakes through inexperience. A good poker player is able to adapt to the conditions and use the opponents’ weaknesses against them.

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A lot of bluffing.

It often happens that newcomers who only learn about bluffing begin to play only from him. You need to understand how and with what frequency to resort to bluffing, so as not to become predictable for other players.

Not a focused game.

Poker, like any other game, requires coordination and full focus on the process. If you are distracted and cannot concentrate while playing handouts for some reason, take a break and get distracted. Remember: you play for your own pleasure and only for your own sake, there is no need to turn game sessions into routine.


We have considered the top 10 most frequently encountered errors. Recognize yourself? That’s okay. We all learn from our mistakes, become better and conquer new heights. Poker, as if nothing else, is a game with a long-term expectation and worthy result.

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